Friday, March 1, 2013

Marfa, Marfa & More Marfa

Oh, this country has such beyond splendid skies! Apropos of my book-in-progress, World Waiting for a Dream: A Turn in Far West Texas, I recently returned from my latest journey through Marfa, Van Horn, Presidio, Terlingua, and the Big Bend National Park, and will be posting scads more "Marfa Mondays" podcasts...

Pending: an interview with Enrique Madrid of Redford; interview with Dallas Baxter, ex-editor of Cenizo Journal; a journey up Pinto Canyon Rd and another up Casa Piedra Rd (a branch of the old Comanche war path); a visit to Cíbolo Creek Ranch, a trek over Burro Mesa (ayyy, 3 hours each way, no shade) to Apache Canyon and a very remote arrowhead quarry; and a bit about the strange battle of Zapato Tuerto (Spanish vs Apaches); and (yep), "Cowboy Is a Verb."

Oh, and more about the glorious Chisos and Spanish painter Xavier González.

>Listen in to the latest podcast, A Visit to Swan House
>The archive of all the "Marfa Mondays" podcasts  is here. Listen in anytime.

From Pinto Canyon Rd

Lone Cloud, Paisano Hotel, Marfa

Pinto Canyon Rd

Chihuahuan Desert Nature Center, Fort Davis

>Listen to the podcast with Chihuahuan Desert pollinator expert, Cynthia McAlister

Waiting at the Marfa Lights Viewing Station
>Listen to the podcast "We Have Seen the Lights" about the Marfa Lights

Near the Cubes, Marfa

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